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We’ll give you everything you need to have a great experience with our Beta Program, including white glove customer experience and easy ways to provide feedback. We will also invest between $1,000-$3,000 in job ad funding and provide 15 months, free access to JobTap Recruit software (valued at $3,000). No cost to participate. Learn more about our Beta program at our rules page.

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What is JobTap Recruit?

Most job posting sites give you access to millions of prospective employees. So do we. In fact, we offer additional choices including access to more than 1.5 million new people every month — plus a proprietary database of over 6M jobseekers’ winning resumes. As impressive as that is, JobTap Recruit measures its success on repeatedly delivering more well-qualified candidates than anyone else.

From Haystack to Needle.

Having access to all these people is a double-edged sword. As a business owner, you need a range of people so you don’t miss out on making a great hire, but as an HR manager or professional recruiter, you don’t have the resources or time to wade through all the resumes and identify the few you want to invite for an interview.

Unique Sourcing Expertise.

That’s where we come in. Whether it’s creating blogs that generate more consumer traffic or managing your job posting strategies, JobTap Recruit is designed to increase candidate applications — nearly overnight.

Hiring Made Simpler.

Our user-friendly tools make it easy to filter out your candidates, to speed up the resume review process and to stay focused — never missing a hiring task. The way we deliver simplicity is pretty complicated, but our positive customer feedback speaks for itself.

Why Have You Contacted Me?

You’re a small to medium-sized business owner, HR manager or a professional recruiter. You’re working every day to serve your customers and grow your business, and you’re right in our wheelhouse as a potential client. We need your feedback to help us make JobTap Recruit the perfect candidate-sourcing juggernaut we think it can be.

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