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Skilled & Hourly Recruiting, Made Easy

with Smart Filtering Technology

Skilled & Hourly Recruiting, Made Easy
  • Continuously source applicants from top sites
  • Easy-to-use hiring templates
  • Text and email candidates
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Why our clients look to JobTap for hiring

Builds a candidate

Have qualified candidates
on-demand from the
best sources.

Pinpoints the right candidates

"Smart Filtering" instantly
identifies matching candidates.

Easy-to-use -
No Training required!

JobTap is intuitive; you'll be
up and running in minutes.

Text or email candidates with one-click

Contact groups of candidates and arrange interviews with
one simple text or email.

Create a talent pipeline for faster hiring

With JobTap, you'll always have an on-demand pipeline
of fresh candidates who meet your specifications.

Option A:

Full Service Recruitment Advertising

We get the most for your recruiting dollars, with Pay-Per-Click, traditional postings, SEO, social media and more...

Option B:

Job Distribution Tool

Choose your own posting strategy. Simply select from our list of top job sites and set your schedule, down to the day required!


Flexible weekly pricing

Our pricing options allow you to buy weekly (upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time). Or, we can develop an annual hiring plan based on your budget.


Easily Screen for Top Candidates

Pinpoint the right candidate in seconds

All JobTap candidates fill out an occupation-specific application, so you'll know they have the skills and certifications you require.

Quick-view candidate profiles

Less searching, more finding. Our quick-view profiles allow you to instantaneously review the information that matters most and easily compare top candidates.

Filter to create an instant short list

Use our precision search filters to instantly narrow your list from 1000s to a short list of qualified, interested and available candidates. Filter by experience level, industry, availability and more...

Your all-in-one solution for skilled & hourly recruiting

Our innovative recruiting software makes hiring qualified candidates easier than ever. Attract, filter and recruit your candidates from one centralized location.

Collaborate with hiring managers in the cloud

JobTap makes it easy for recruiters, HR and hiring managers to work together to seamlessly manage the hiring process.

Integrated texting

JobTap can text candidates individually or in groups. Get more responses in a fraction of the time.

Easy-to-use - no training required

With our easy-to-use recruiting software you'll be up and running in minutes.

Create your custom hiring templates

Speed the process by having hiring managers use approved job posting copy.

Handles Candidate "Walk-ins"

No more paper applications: candidates can easily apply online from your location.

Already got an ATS?

No problem. JobTap can be used as a standalone
system, or to augment your current ATS.

Built for Mobile Recruiting from the ground up

For many skilled and hourly workers their phone IS their computer. JobTap was built to connect with candidates wired into the mobile world.

Mobile apply

Over 70% of job seekers look for jobs on their mobile phones. Our applications are all mobile friendly.

Mobile connect

We instantly reach candidates with text messages, and avoid all the email clutter. Faster candidate response equals faster hiring.

Mobile hiring

Coming soon is our mobile employer app, allowing you to hire the way you already work: on the go.

Resume Database Access

JobTap is brought to you by LiveCareer, a leading online destination for job seekers, with over 20,000 resumes created daily. Get access to this new source of qualified, interested and available candidates.